Search and Content Advertising

Every day, people are looking for what you do, where you do it, and they are looking online to get their answers.

When executed properly, PPC (also called pay-per-click or paid search) can be one of the most effective strategies in an ROI-focused, results-oriented digital marketing program. 

We take paid search marketing seriously at Social Seen. For many of our clients, paid search is their bread and butter. That’s why we take an insight-driven approach to increase your bottom line. But we don’t stop there, we layer in targeted eBlasts or apply our lookback device ID targeting to reach a hyper targeted audience.

Paid Search

Search engine marketing efficiently and with a focus on results.  We do all the heavy lifting: launch, optimize, and report on Google and Bing campaigns.  Call tracking and Google Analytics integration available.

Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO, National SEO, Link Building, Onsite SEO: On-site page optimization, fresh content every month, link building, keyword optimization.

Targeted eBlasts

Demographic & behavioral targeting, real-time counts, bot-free guarantee.

750 variables to build a custom list for each campaign, that can then also be used for geo-fence display ad targeting.